I_Logo_tinyasdfaIKONA Drafting has a full-service drafting office that provides a diverse and comprehensive menu of services.  These services extend far beyond the traditional paper drawings of years past.  We have the full ability to turn any idea, pencil sketch or concept rendering into reality.  We are customer focused and strive to create loyalty through the pursuit of continuous improvement and innovation.

I_Logo_tinyOne Project Coordinator is assigned and dedicated to your project and all correspondence will filter through that one person.  This reduces the chance of error or duplication, facilitating a more efficient project.

The industries we serve:Grating Golden I Logos06_small

  • Mining
  • Manufacturing and Processing
  • Grain Handling and Fertilizer
  • Commercial
  • Industrial


I_Logo_tinyIKONA has our own File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site for secure transmission of files through the internet.


IKONA has adopted the platform Tekla Structures (X-Steel), a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software.  BIM facilitates the exchange and visualization of building information in digital 3D format between all building disciplines to ensure integrated project delivery.  We have implemented our own systems and procedures to ensure accuracy and integrity of the model.  Our strict attention to drawing quality and accuracy reduces confusion in the workshop and keeps projects cost-effective and on schedule.

We Provide;                                 From the Intelligent model, We Generate;
  • 3D Modeling     • DXF files for Plate Work
  • Anchor Bolt Setting Plans     • CNC/DSTV files for Cutting and Drilling
  • Erection Drawings     • Specialized Reports
  • Assembly Drawings     • Advance Bill of Material
  • Part Drawings     • Shop & Field Bolt Lists


IKONA‘s Mechanical Division offers high-precision Mechanical 3D Modeling Services to enable product visualization, preview structures or prototypes, and expand audience’s inventive aptitude.  Using cutting edge technology, we transform the ideas, rough sketches, specifications and instructions from Mechanical Engineers into detailed working drawings.  We develop complete sets of precise, technical drawings for conceptual layout, product design, component design, machine assembly design, and reverse engineering projects.

We accomplish the following;                      Our Mech. services consist of;
  • Machine Design     • Mechanical Drafting and Detailing
  • Mechanical Drafting     • 3D Solid Modeling
  • Casting and Machining Drawings     • Reverse Engineering
  • Plant Layout and Optimization     • Shop / Fabrication Drawings
  • 2D to 3D Conversion     • Product Design and Development


IKONA‘s Engineering Drafting Division provides an out-source drafting service to architects, engineers, metal fabricators & general contractors.  While the Structural Engineering discipline is our forte, we have an expert staff of qualified personnel who provide full service support for the production of drawing documents to clients in a number of industries.  This experienced team of professionals uses the latest equipment and technology to provide the best quality products and service.  We focus on providing efficient and high-quality design drafting solutions to support your project documentation needs.  And, we conform our service to your document control system specifications.

If required, we can also arrange for engineering services in selected areas in combination with our drafting services.

  • Construction Drawings                         • As-Built Measuring & Documentation
  • Foundation Plans & Details     • Updating Building Facilities Master Plans
  • Arrangement & Detail Drawings     • Precast
  • Hollow Core Slabs     • Platforms & Scaffold Layouts


The Geoinformatics Division utilizes high-speed, non-contact 3D laser technology to produce incredibly detailed three-dimensional images of complex environments and geometries.  Simply put, the laser scanning technology creates a precise, virtual copy of reality in millimeter-accuracy.  The resulting 3D image is a collaboration of millions of 3D measurements providing an accurate digital documentation of as-built conditions, ultimately recreating the real world and defining it within a virtual space.  The resulting scan data can be shared with a multitude of software applications suitable for project analysis and modeling.

Real world applications include;

     • Accident Reconstruction                ↔                   • Power & Process
     • As-Built Documentation     • Surveying
     • Crime Scene & Forensic     • Tunnel & Mining

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