Tripper Gallery 24048


Cypress Credit Union,

Maple Creek, Saskatchewan

Spectra Place,

Estevan, Saskatchewan

Legislative Library Mezzanine Addition,

Regina, Saskatchewan

Maple Creek Middle and Secondary School Addition,

Maple Creek, Saskatchewan

Red Product Expansion – Tripper Gallery,

PCS Cory

30 T Loading and 70 T Surge Potash Bins,

PCS Rocanville

Shaft Bottom Upgrade Manway Lift,

Mosaic Potash Esterhazy K-2

Tripper Gallery Support Structure,

Mosaic Potash Esterhazy K-2

Rougher & Scavenger Flotation Cells,

Mosaic Potash Esterhazy K-2

Grasslands Regional Shopping Centre,

Regina, Saskatchewan

Platform Steel

for the Potash Industry

Turning Vane Plates

for Pollution Control Ductwork


Tripper Gallery Support Structure 24048

Mosaic Potash Esterhazy K-2 

Mosaic copyToward the end of 2009, Mosaic Potash planned an 850,000 ton (771,107 tonne) mine and mill expansion at the Mosaic Potash Esterhazy K2 mine to raise annual production capacity at the K2 mine to 3.45 million tons (3.13 tonnes) by Spring 2012. Among the components of this major expansion is the construction of an additional 100,000 ton product storage warehouse.

IKONA was awarded the support structures and conveyors for this component which amounted to 10 individual projects for the company. One of those projects is the Tripper Gallery Support Structure 24048.

The Tripper Gallery Support Structure hangs from the Pre-Engineered storage warehouse building structure and, therefore, coordination was necessary with the Pre-Engineered building contractor. A Tripper Car is supported by this structure and travels along the length of the structure on special railings. The potash is conveyed to this structure and dispersed evenly about the warehouse by the Tripper Car.


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